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Sebastian's Story

It was just on March 19th, 2009, on Sebastian Oliveira’s 5th birthday, that we first heard the word, Neuroblastoma. Sebastian who until then had been a healthy, vibrant young boy with a contagious smile; had a simple bump on his head, and our lives would change forever while our brave Warrior began his fight against this terrible disease.

Sebastian went through many tests, scans, procedures, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, clinical trials and a stem cell transplant. He was being treated at the Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario, in London, and also at Sick Kids Hospital, in Toronto. His medical team was wonderful and we were very lucky to live in London and have access to one of the best health care facilities in Canada.

We were always so surprised by our son, even after all he had been through, he was still joking and playing. He always had a way of making everyone around him smile. He was truly AMAZING and incredible!Though his journey ended on May 9th, 2011, his strength, energy and positive attitude has been an inspiration to us all.

We Still Believe in Miracles and We Pray That a Cure for Neuroblastoma Will Be Found.
- Monica, Luis & Carolina Oliveira









Update on The Sebastian Oliveira Drug Discovery Project at James Fund Research Laboratory at Sick Kids Hospital: