Sebastian's Superheroes :: Sick Kids Foundation Honours Neuroblastoma Donors

Sick Kids Foundation Honours Neuroblastoma Donors

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Yesterday was a special day for Sebastian’s Superheroes.  Sick Kids Foundation invited us to the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research to celebrate our achievements, express their gratitude and share how our support is helping to transform Neuroblastoma research.  Sebastian’s Superheroes, along with other James Fund supporters, were able to hear Dr. David Kaplan and Dr. Meredith Irwin speak and to provide us with updates of their life saving advances with Neuroblastoma.  We were also able to tour the Neuroblastoma Research laboratory and see exactly where the money we raised is being used.

All of Sebastian’s Superheroes fundraising efforts are donated to The James Fund laboratory where funds are matched by grants and government funding.  This makes it possible for these labs to remain open and for the scientists and doctors to keep focusing on research.  

When Sebastian relapsed, there was a 20% survival rate, today the survival rate has increased to 60%.  A clinical trial that Sebastian was involved with has been approved and will be added to Neuroblastoma protocol next year.  These advances are from these laboratories.  These advances are because of our supporters! 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!